Last Call to Vote (Together We’re Stronger)

by Beet the System & Friends

Last Call to Vote (Together We’re Stronger) is a clarion call for Americans to unite in preserving the fragile experiment of representative democracy while we still can. It lays out the stakes in the 2024 presidential election (as well as down ballot races) and is a creative offering for campaigns and organizations mobilizing to get out the vote for use as a motivational anthem.



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Our hope is that this song can serve as a gentle kick in the pants to folks who may be considering a vote for someone other than President Biden or sitting out the election altogether. Our message to these fellow citizens is that we understand democracy is messy and we don’t always align on every issue with a candidate. However, we have arrived at a crucial junction in this nation’s history where only one choice is left on the ballot that will enable us to continue to hash out our disagreements peacefully and through the electoral process.

This song is also an affirmation to people who might feel powerless in the current political climate that they are not alone. Through a message of active hope, it reminds us that the antidote to feeling disconnected is to unify around our collective civic power: “Together we’re stronger, built to last longer, we’re gonna work wonders, just look around!”


the year is twenty twenty four
but we’ve all seen this film before
a despot fool who lusts for power
democracy’s eleventh hour

you might think they’re all the same
just politicians playin’ the game
protest vote to take a stance
but you may not get another chance

to vote, go vote, you gotta vote, get out and vote
vote, why don’t you vote, get in the boat, keep hope afloat

he says he wants it great again
but never really tells us when that was
he huffs and puffs, spews his bile
this loser talk designed to rile us up

together we’re stronger, built to last longer
we’re gonna work wonders, just look around
together we’re leaner, keepin it greener
together we’re keener, nothing that we can’t surmount

he says he don’t like immigrants
demands loyalty from sycophants
he’ll never cede an inch of power
but We the People shall not cower

so vote, go vote, you gotta vote, get out and vote
vote, last call to vote, get in the boat, keep hope afloat

he’s coming back this orange dunce
we’ll kick his ass, we’ve done it once before
get ready for another round
there’s no one else to make it count but us

together we’re shielded, we’re ready to wield it
together we’ll field it, the only poll that counts
together we’re stridin’, ridin’ with Biden
we’re gonna keep on fightin, live to see another round



Lead Vocals:
Deborah Levoy
Baba Johnny White
Sven Eberlein

Russell Ives
Zoë Sindhu Moré
Dan Bonnin
The Together Party (plus claps & cheers)

Drums: Dan Bonnin
Bass, Percussion, Keyboard, Ominous Sounds: Avidan Rose
Rhythm Guitar: Sven Eberlein
Electric & Acoustic Mandolin: Baba Johnny White
Lead Guitar: Obadiah Butterworth
Tenor Guitar: Russell Ives

Music by Sven Eberlein. Arranged and distilled by Beet the System & Friends.

Lyrics by Sven Eberlein. Nurtured and refined by Debra Baida, Baba Johnny White, and Deborah Levoy.

Basic tracks recorded February 26, 2024 at Studio 132 (Oakland, CA). Engineered by BZ Lewis.

Lead vocals recorded March 3, 2024. Engineered by Deborah Levoy.

Harmonies, additional strings, and mix magic March 2024 at EGP Studios (Oakland, CA). Engineered by Russell Ives. Co-produced by Russell Ives, Baba Johnny White and Sven Eberlein.

Percussion, Keyboard, and Ominous Sounds recorded at Feliz Avidan Productions (San Francisco, CA). Composed and engineered by Avidan Rose.

Together Party recorded at L’Auberge (Oakland, CA). Produced and conducted by Baba Johnny White, Russell Ives, and Avidan Rose.

Mastered March 19, 2024 at Ken Lee Mastering (El Cerrito, CA) by Ken Lee.

Cover art by Anselm Yew.

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©2024 Beet the System