Beet The System blends a rockin’ tapestry of cross pollinating original ear worms with a generous helping of world beat, groove, bluegrass and punk-ish fertilizer. This hungry quintet feeds on its diverse musical roots to cook up a boundary-defying, hip shaking stew seasoned with tasty, nutrient-rich metaphors for a flavor befitting a rapidly changing world. In other words, culinary rebel rock.


Here it is! Our official stay at home video! Lettuce Turnip the Beet!

Without gigs and online jams less than satisfying, we decided to have some fun with a tune we recorded and (almost) mastered pre-COVID-19. Filmed by The Beets socially but not soulfully distant in residential homes and gardens across the San Francisco Bay Area, we hope you enjoy “Lettuce Turnip The Beet”, which we hereby declare our official debut single.



Beet The System

Raw Beets [Beet the System Acoustic]

RAW BEETS, the acoustic offshoot of Beet The System, distills the band’s boundary-defying, hip shaking stew of diversified musical roots to its essential ingredients: tasty melodies with nutrient-rich lyrics for a flavor befitting a rapidly changing world. Featuring Baba Ndjhoni on ukulele, mando & vocals, Tim Kelly on upright bass, and Sven Eberlein on guitar and vocals, plus special guests.

The Story

Beet the System is an uplifting and organic-fresh yet well-seasoned ensemble that has grown out of the compost fermented by one of San Francisco’s beloved aughts bands, Chemystry Set. Its genesis was inspired by Vermont artist Ben Levitt, aka breakfast, whose Beet the System art inspired  long-time tubersmiths Baba Ndjhoni (mandolin) and Sven Eberlein’s (guitar) second musical seeding.

Along with new shoots Dan Bonnin (drums), Tim Kelly (bass) and Obadiah Butterworth (guitar), the original plantings were nurtured to maturity into a rockin’ tapestry of cross pollinating original ear worms with a healthy dousing of world beat, groove, grass and punk-ish fertilizer.

Wandering yonder, down the untilled path, Beet the System is digging beneath the surface to unearth the real dirt on boundary-defying, hip shaking and message-driven musical roots. Lettuce turnip the beet at a thriving pasture near you!

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